When something’s not right on your mammogram, finding timely and accurate answers to your questions is what matters most.

In simple terms, a biopsy is a procedure where a small amount of tissue is taken from the body to be examined more closely. If your mammogram shows an area that needs to be evaluated more closely, one of the biopsy techniques available through USA Breast Services is stereotactic breast biopsy. Experienced breast surgeons use computer aided technology to guide a needle to the exact point of the abnormality that was picked up by the mammogram. Two different images are taken from slightly different angles to ensure the sample of tissue is removed from the correct location.

The results of the procedure help physicians determine if you have breast cancer or any other breast abnormality. This form of biopsy is a less invasive alternative to surgical biopsy, requires little recovery time, and scaring is minimal to none.

After a stereotactic breast biopsy, samples taken will be sent to a pathologist for complete analysis. We understand that this can be a difficult time of waiting. That’s why results of the biopsy are available within 24-48 hours from the time it’s performed. The surgeons at USA Breast Services perform breast cancer surgery when necessary as well as coordinate breast cancer care and therapy with other specialists. We also offer unique services including facilitating referrals for specific therapies, support groups, risk counseling, breast health education, enrollment in clinical trials and much more.

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