USA Prosthetics

The mission of University Surgical Associates Prosthetics (USAP) is to provide patients and their families a single source for support throughout the care journey.

This is achieved through interdisciplinary planning and scheduling at every step. Our team of experts guides each patient with an empathetic and personalized approach — from the amputation process and surgical follow up to selection of the perfect artificial limb, custom fitting, and ongoing care for the individual and his or her device. Patients and their families are provided a detailed schedule, which reduces stress and empowers the patient.

We’re committed to ensuring those affected by limb loss achieve their full potential.

Services We Provide

USAP specializes in custom-made and custom-fit prosthetic devices. The most progressive techniques and the latest ultra-light, high-strength materials are used in the fabrication and fitting process.

Our practitioners are proficient in fitting any socket design, from ischial containment above knee, to total surface bearing below knee, including the latest vacuum-assisted suspension designs. Upper extremity devices range from the conventional body powered to electronically controlled myoelectric devices.

What You Need To Know

At the time of your first visit, we will collect your insurance information and pertinent medical history and create a permanent record for you. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow time for this procedure.

A University Surgical Associates Prosthetics (USAP) practitioner will discuss your needs and take several measurements. If you are being fitted for a leg prosthesis, please bring a pair of shorts. If being fitted for a prosthesis above the waist, a short-sleeve T-shirt will be helpful. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable during this process, and we will make every effort to inform you throughout the process as well.

The prosthesis fabrication process differs with each patient and device. Your USAP practitioner will inform you of the time involved, and if necessary, when to schedule your return visit.

University Surgical Associates Prosthetics (USAP) accepts most major insurance carriers and plans, as well as assignment for most Medicare claims. It is the patient’s responsibility (or the patient’s guardian) to determine if your insurance covers our services in network or out-of-network, or if it is covered at all.

USAP is not responsible for determining benefits or the level that a device is covered. Any balance/co-payment not covered by your insurance is your responsibility and payable upon delivery, unless prior arrangements are made with our billing department.

As a courtesy to our patients, USAP makes every effort to file all patient insurance, Medicare and Medicaid claims. A signed physician order is required prior to the delivery of any device.

Follow-up visits are a normal and routine course in prosthetic services. No charge is incurred for routine services. Depending on the type of prosthetic device, University Surgical Associates Prosthetics (USAP) practitioners may establish regular follow-up appointments with you to ensure your device is properly fitted and that you are experiencing no problems.

If repairs become necessary, please contact our office to schedule an appointment and convey the nature of the problem as concisely as possible. You should not adjust or repair your device yourself. This may void any warranties and cause unnecessary personal expense.

Advances in technology allow the design of devices that are lighter, stronger, more comfortable and functional. Prostheses are made of carbon fiber, stainless steel and titanium. Technological and fabrication advances allow the patient to return to a more normal lifestyle than previously possible.

University Surgical Associates Prosthetics (USAP) is proud to offer an amputee advocate program for our patients. The program is adapted specifically for new or pending amputees.

You will be provided with an advocate (an amputee that currently utilizes a prosthetic device); one who can identify with your particular situation and offer advice, suggestions and encouragement. Advocates are carefully selected based on age, gender and type of amputation.

USAP will work to make this transition to wearing a prosthetic as easy as possible, and a positive experience for both patient and family members.

USA Prosthetics has treated more than 1,300 patients since it was formed in 2009. Our certified prosthetists work with the area’s top surgeons during the amputation process, and we also work closely with your physical therapist every step of the way.

Our prosthetists are licensed in Tennessee and certified by the American Board of Certification (ABC). As ABC-certified practitioners, they have completed all residency exams and clinical patient management exams and have met the highest international educational standards.

The USA Prosthetics team is pictured below:

Cathy Henderson, Prosthetics Manager
Traci Kilmartin, CP/L (Certified Prosthetist)
Sonya Camilleri, Prosthetics Coordinator

16 Specialty Services From Over
30 Skilled Surgeons

Today our network extends to more than 6 cities in the region. Search our network of surgeons and nurse practitioners by specialty or location.

16 Specialty Services From Over
30 Skilled Surgeons

Today our network extends to more than 6 cities in the region. Search our network of surgeons and nurse practitioners by specialty or location.