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The Hernia Center at University Surgical Associates is one of the largest and most experienced hernia programs in the region, with specialized expertise in treating all forms of hernias to ensure the best outcomes for your surgery. Through high quality, evidence-based surgical care, our hernia doctors are helping people get back to living a full and active lifestyle.

Our hernia surgeons serve patients at 9 convenient office locations and perform our surgeries in the advanced facilities at Erlanger, Parkridge, CHI Memorial and Rhea County hospital systems. We know that patients who have concerns about a hernia are looking for expert care quickly, which is why we are able to offer same-day or next-day availability on most appointments. Call (423) 267-0466 to make an appointment.

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FAQs about Hernia Surgery

There is no way to repair a hernia other than surgery. If you believe you may have a hernia, it’s important to see your primary care provider and discuss your options with them. Sometimes a primary care provider may recommend watchful waiting if the hernia is not too bothersome for you. However, if the pain or unsightliness are particularly bothersome, discussing repair with an experience hernia surgeon is the best route.
Occasionally, the intestines can become trapped in the hernia and, this condition, called strangulation, is an emergency situation that requires immediate medical care.

We offer the latest approaches to care including robotic and laparoscopic hernia repair, enabling our patients to recover quickly and get back to work or their normal routines. In some rare cases, open surgery may be the best option for your hernia repair, but your surgeon will assess your needs and provide the best and safest recommendation for you.

The hernia surgeons of University Surgical Associates offer high standard of care by staying on top of the latest education, surgical techniques and quality data, even while we take a custom approach to each patient by analyzing their other conditions and risk factors.

Mesh is used in hernia surgery to decrease the odds of reoccurrence of the hernia. In the past, roughly 25 – 50% of hernias returned when they were repaired without the use of mesh. Repairing a hernia using mesh is the recommended standard of care in most cases, and modern mesh products and techniques are very safe.

We know that insurance coverage and cost can be a concern for many patients. If you have questions about payment or would like to know if your insurance will cover the surgery, please contact us at (423) 267-0466 or toll-free at (800) 833-0572.

You may. Typically, whether or not you need a referral is determined by your insurance provider. Contact us today at (423) 267-0466 or toll-free at (800) 833-0572 to learn more about whether or not you need a referral from your primary care provider.

What Is A Hernia And Why Do I Have It?

What’s The Next Step?

Who’s A Good Candidate For Hernia Mesh?

Our Hernia Surgeons Treat Various Types of Hernias

When it comes to hernias, there is no ‘one size fits all.’ Hernias can appear in several locations in the body, so they have different names. The USA Hernia Center treats multiple types of hernias.

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Today our network extends to more than 6 cities in the region. Search our network of surgeons and nurse practitioners by specialty or location.

16 Specialty Services From Over
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Today our network extends to more than 6 cities in the region. Search our network of surgeons and nurse practitioners by specialty or location.