USA provides dedicated scheduling operators to help you set your appointments. Operators are available Monday – Friday from 8:45 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. (EST) at (423) 267-0466.

Please be prepared to provide the scheduling operator with your insurance information and other personal data, including your address, the name and phone number of your primary care and/or referring physician and contact information. Inform the scheduler of the nature of your visit to allow sufficient time for your appointment. Insurance company regulations may require us to file a referral numbers before seeing you, so please check with your insurance company for referral instructions.

Confirmations: Be certain to provide a working phone number because 3 days before your appointment you will receive a text or email with link to complete your online registration. You will also receive appointment reminders via text, voice call, or email.

Cancellations: If you must cancel or reschedule, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment.

No Show Policy: To serve our patients as efficiently as possible, effective 2/27/23 we are implementing a No Show Fee of $25 if an appointment is not cancelled in advance. A “no-show” is defined as missing a scheduled appointment, and these situations cause problems that go beyond a financial impact on our practice. When an appointment is made, it takes an available time slot away from another patient. This policy is in effect to ensure that all of our patients have the opportunity to be seen in a timely manner. No-shows delay the delivery of healthcare to other patients, some of whom are quite ill. We understand that situations such as medical emergencies occasionally arise and these situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Also, please understand that insurance companies consider this charge to be entirely the patient’s responsibility. To cancel or reschedule an appointment please call USA at 423-267-0466.  

Locations: We have a number of office locations throughout the region so please remember which location you will be visiting. USA location information can be found here.

Insurance & Billing: Co-pays and coinsurance payments are due at the time of service. USA participates in a number of insurance plans and provides convenient payment options. Our new online registration and payment system allows you to pay copays or balances, or set up a payment plan. Find more information here.

Scheduling Delays: Please note that elective surgeries can sometimes be delayed due to insurance providers and their pre-authorization policies. These delays are often beyond our control, and our scheduling team works diligently to secure authorization from insurance providers in advance of each procedure. 

FAQ: Have questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Forms

All USA first time patients must complete new patient registration. Starting in April 2021, we are changing from paper forms to an easy-to-use online system. Three days before your appointment you will receive a link via your email or phone to your secure, HIPAA-compliant registration form.  You will answer questions about your medical history and current symptoms. If you complete your registration before your appointment, all you have to do is show up and check in at the front desk! The receptionist will scan a copy of your insurance card and photo ID.  Be sure to bring a list of your medications and dosages (or your actual medication bottles) and a list of any allergies you have. A member of your patient care team will input that information into your chart once you’re in the exam room.

Read more about our online registration system here.

USA office location information is available here.


If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or visit an emergency room.

Please note that USA surgeons and staff make every attempt to see patients promptly, however, emergencies can arise that may delay your appointment. If your surgeon is involved in an emergent situation, we may need to reschedule your appointment. We will contact you as soon as possible and arrange for another appointment time.

Your First Appointment

In order to expedite time at your visit, we ask that you complete and submit registration forms on our online pre-registration system.

At your first appointment University Surgical Associates (USA) clinical staff will compile your personal information and medical history in order to complete a permanent record. Insurance company regulations may require us to file a referral number before seeing you.

Please call one of our scheduling operators at (423) 267-0466 to check whether you need a referral number (have your insurance information handy before the call). You also check with your insurance company to find out this information.

What to bring to your first appointment? A photo ID card, any previous medical records, a list of medications or the actual medication bottles so we can be sure to get the right names and dosage information,  and your health insurance card(s). If you are not in possession of your medical records, please contact your physician’s office and request your records be sent to our office.

Find more detailed information about our new online pre-registration system here!

16 Specialty Services From Over
30 Skilled Surgeons

Today our network extends to more than 6 cities in the region. Search our network of surgeons and nurse practitioners by specialty or location.

16 Specialty Services From Over
30 Skilled Surgeons

Today our network extends to more than 6 cities in the region. Search our network of surgeons and nurse practitioners by specialty or location.