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A ventral hernia happens when organs or tissues poke out through a weak spot in the abdominal wall. These hernias can develop in various places across the abdomen, such as the belly button or along previous surgical incisions, where the abdominal muscles have become compromised or weakened. Ventral hernias can manifest as bulging or swelling, causing discomfort and, in some cases, complications that require medical intervention. Ventral hernias can be treated with surgery. Contact University Surgical Associates today to schedule a ventral hernia repair.

Ventral Hernia FAQs

Ventral hernias occur when the abdomen wall is weakened, and tissues or organs protrude through the front part of the abdomen. In addition to this noticeable swelling, other ventral hernia symptoms include pain and discomfort at the hernia location. Some individuals will notice the bulging area is tender to the touch, and others may not have any symptoms at all.

Causes of a ventral hernia include activities that create pressure in the abdomen wall, such as:

  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Chronic coughing
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Abdominal injury

When a medical professional is diagnosing a ventral hernia, he or she will also make note of the specific type of ventral hernia present. The different types of ventral hernias include:

  • Umbilical ventral hernia – hernia is located at or near the belly button
  • Incisional ventral hernia – hernia is located at or near a previous surgery incision
  • Epigastric ventral hernia – hernia is located in the upper abdomen area

There are two different approaches to ventral hernia repair: open and laparoscopic ventral hernia repair.

With open ventral hernia repair, the surgeon makes a single, larger incision directly over the hernia site to access and repair the hernia. This type of surgery is typically recommended for larger hernias, complex cases, or when laparoscopic surgery is not an option.

With laparoscopic surgery, a surgeon will use several small incisions, including one for a camera to guide the surgery. This option is suitable for smaller to moderately sized hernias. Patients generally experience less pain post-surgery, shorter hospital stays, and faster recoveries compared to open ventral hernia surgery. Some surgeons can even provide robotic ventral hernia repair through laparoscopic techniques.

If you’re looking for a ventral hernia surgeon near you, trust the experts at University Surgical Associates. Our team of hernia surgeons is specialized in treating a variety of hernias through both open and minimally invasive procedures. Our ventral hernia doctors can meet with you in multiple locations throughout the Chattanooga area for your initial consultation and answer any questions you have regarding your upcoming surgery. Contact our team to schedule a consult today: 423-267-0466

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