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USA surgeons are the region’s most experienced breast care providers. 

Whether you have just received news of an abnormal mammogram or have been told you have breast cancer and need surgery, you can trust University Surgical Associates for prompt and compassionate care.

Our breast cancer surgeons specialize in surgical procedures to diagnose and treat cancer, annually performing a high volume of procedures including:

  • 1,000 breast biopsies
  • 350+ mastectomies and lumpectomies

Our breast surgeons respect your peace of mind and understand that breast problems can produce considerable amounts of anxiety, so we schedule patients with appointments as soon as possible. Our surgeons are happy to review your medical history, discuss your needs and surgery options, and coordinate care and therapy with other local breast cancer specialists.

Breast Cancer Surgery FAQs

Using the latest minimally invasive technology, our breast surgeons in Chattanooga, TN use stereotactic and ultrasound guidance to conduct breast biopsies. A sample of breast tissue will be removed and sent to a lab for analysis. If abnormal or cancerous cells are present, surgery will usually be recommended.

There are two main types of breast cancer surgery: mastectomy and lumpectomy. The key difference is that lumpectomy surgery just removes the cancer from the breast while a mastectomy is an entire breast removal surgery. Depending on your situation, your doctor may recommend one of the following:

  • Lumpectomy – tumor and part of the surrounding healthy tissue are surgically removed from the breast.
  • Total Mastectomy – also known as a simple mastectomy, the entire breast is surgically removed to treat cancer.
  • Bilateral Mastectomy – also known as a double mastectomy, both breasts are surgically removed to treat cancer.
  • Radical Mastectomy – in addition to the entire breast, the chest wall muscles and lymph nodes from under the arm are removed as well.
  • Modified Radical Mastectomy – the entire breast and some underarm lymph nodes are surgically removed.
  • Prophylactic Mastectomy – a preventative surgery where one or both breasts are removed to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

If your surgeon gives you the choice between treating your breast cancer with a mastectomy or lumpectomy, it’s important to understand the differences.

Mastectomy Advantages & Disadvantages

Some women find more peace of mind about their cancer returning with mastectomies, as the whole breast is removed. However, mastectomy surgery is a more extensive procedure with longer recovery time, and additional surgeries are often needed to reconstruct the breast after surgery.

Lumpectomy Advantages & Disadvantages

With lumpectomy surgery, recovery time is shorter and much of the breast appearance and sensation is preserved. On the downside, several weeks of radiation therapy is encouraged after surgery to ensure the cancer has been removed completely. This may interfere with the timing of your breast reconstruction post-surgery. You may need additional surgeries if the pathology lab finds cancerous cells in the healthy-looking tissue surrounding the tumor. There is also a slightly higher risk of cancer returning, in which case your surgeon would usually recommend a mastectomy.

With nine different locations in the Chattanooga, TN area, University Surgical Associates provides access to many experienced surgeons who specialize in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment — including both male and female breast surgeons near you.

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Serving the local area since 1976, University Surgical Associates is pleased to be a top choice for breast cancer surgery in Chattanooga. Our team offers a variety of clinical and support services for our breast patients. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment with a breast surgeon.

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16 Specialty Services From Over
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Today our network extends to more than 6 cities in the region. Search our network of surgeons and nurse practitioners by specialty or location.