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USA Prosthetics

University Surgical Associates Prosthetics (USAP) is the latest addition of patient care services offered by University Surgical Associates. 

USAP’s mission is to provide patients and their families a single source for support during the process of amputation, selection of the highest quality prosthesis available and ongoing care of the device throughout its lifetime. It is our intent to support and empower those affected by limb loss to achieve their full potential.

How We Can Assist
At this point you have been informed an amputation is necessary. With this in mind, our goal is now focused on assisting you and your family through the process of being fitted with a prosthesis in a manner that is both efficient and sympathetic to the challenges ahead.

Services We Provide
USAP specializes in custom-made and custom-fit prosthetic devices. The most progressive techniques and the latest ultra-light, high-strength materials are used in the fabrication and fitting process. 

Our practitioners are proficient in fitting any socket design, from ischial containment above knee, to total surface bearing below knee, including the latest vacuum-assisted suspension designs. Upper extremity devices range from the conventional body powered to electronically controlled myoelectric devices.