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Florence Nightingale - Nurse Innovator

May 12th, 2016

We know nurses have a tough job to do. Even when nurses’ work went unrecognized, it has always been vitally important to quality patient care.

So much of modern nursing was impacted by a true innovator – Florence Nightingale – a woman who elevated the nursing profession by raising the standards through incorporating education and responsibilities into the job. 

She was known for positive changes she made toward proactive, patient-first care. This type of nursing care continues to be used by nurses every day. She understood the importance of nursing the sick, not just nursing a sickness. Florence Nightingale didn’t accept the status quo. She challenged it. She worked to make things better for nurses and for the people they serve – just like many nurses are doing right now.

So today we’re honoring Florence’s birthday and taking time to say thank you to the nurses at University Surgical who are carrying forward her legacy.  

Do you know a nurse innovator? If you know someone who continues to advance the practice of nursing, tag them here as a way to say thanks for their hard work!  

Posted by University Surgical  | Category: nursing
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