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Be Safe This Halloween

October 29th, 2015

Accidents can occur in a matter of moments

Our USA surgeons are always at the ready for life’s emergencies but we encourage you to use extra caution and be safe this halloween! Be mindful of dangers and distractions and follow these general guidelines:

  • Adults should always accompany children
  • Wear proper fitting costumes, masks, and shoes to avoid trips and falls
  • Walk on sidewalks and if you must walk on the road, walk facing traffic
  • Cross streets at corners and use crosswalks and traffic signals
  • Examine treats for choking hazards or tampering and don’t consume homemade treats from strangers
  • Remove bulky costumes or jackets from infants and toddlers before strapping them into carseats
  • Carry flashlights and place reflective tape on costumes and clothing

Drivers should also be especially careful:
  • Drive slowly through neighborhoods and near special events such as festivals or block parties
  • Minimize distractions — turn down music, put cell phones away and never text and drive
  • Be alert for children running into roadways unexpectedly
  • Always use a designated driver
  • Avoid wearing masks, wigs, or other costume accessories that inhibit vision while driving

Find these tips and more at and 

Posted by University Surgical | Topic: News  | Category: Safety, holidays
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