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USA Adolescent Breast Center

May 7th, 2015

Pediatric breast disease can be divided into two groups: those that arise in infancy and those in later childhood. Nipple discharge, masses or lumps, extra breast tissue, and accessory nipples all may have surgical implications. Even if they do not cause major health problems, they can create significant distress. Most breast problems are benign in the pediatric population, but warrant expert management. Operations on the breast of adolescent girls and young women should be carefully undertaken because of the risk of adverse effects upon the future breast development.

The pediatric surgeons at USA manage breast disease from infancy to young adulthood in both girls and boys. Breast masses, nipple discharge, gynecomastia, and breast infections as well as congenital anomalies of the breast are conditions managed by our pediatric surgeons. 

Adolescents and children referred to our office can be assured that we have experience and familiarity with this young and growing age group. 

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Our team provides quality long-term care in partnership with the child’s referring pediatrician from the time of the child’s initial assessment, through surgery (if needed), and recovery and follow up. The continuity of care is important to our team as it is best for our patients, as they grow, and we continue to monitor them.
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You can call our office M-F 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM at (423) 267-0466 or toll free at (800) 833-0572. 

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