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USA Teams Up with Multiple Agencies to Promote Seat Belt Safety

April 22nd, 2015

University Surgical associates joined Life force air medical, erlanger health system, Hamilton County EMS, tennessee highway patrol and georgia state patrol to host media event promoting the importance of seat belt safety.

Pictured above are all representatives that were involved with the Seat Belt Safety Day -- Tennessee Highway Patrolmen, Dr. Lisa Smith, Pediatric Trauma Surgeon, LIFE FORCE Crew Members, Dr. Donald Barker, Adult Trauma Surgeon, Hamilton County EMS member, and Georgia State Patrolmen.

Buckle Up - It could save your life!

University Surgical Associates was proud to participate in the region's first seat belt safety media day, hosted at the LIFE FORCE hangar. Multiple media agencies were in attendance from North Georgia to Chattanooga to Athens, Tennessee. We are very grateful for the wonderful turnout, and the robust media coverage that the event received. 

Dr. Donald Barker, adult trauma surgeon with USA, opened the event by sharing statistics (below) about seat belt safety that he has seen firsthand in the Erlanger Adult Trauma Center.

Dr. Lisa Smith, pediatric trauma surgeon, then discussed the importance of seat belts and properly restraining children in vehicles. She also shared statistics (below) that she hope to see decrease over the next year.

Representatives from the Tennessee Highway Partol and Georgia State Patrol also spoke and following the question and answer session with the media, Dr. Philip Smith and THP showed attendees what happens in a rollover accident and the injuries that can be prevented by buckling up.

Over the past year and a half, 743 adult patients have been admitted to Erlanger Hospital for motor vehicle crashes. Of those patients, 162 patients were not wearing their seat belt. 24 patients, or 15%, died due to injuries sustained from their accident.

Dr. Donald Barker, Adult Trauma Surgeon

In 2013, 38 children were admitted to Erlanger Children's for injuries in motor vehicle crashes. Of those, 25 children were either not restrained at all, or were improperly restrained. Parents and guardians, educate yourself on child restraint laws.

Dr. Lisa Smith, Pediatric Trauma Surgeon

The worst offenders for non-seat belt usage are adults between the ages of 21 and 30. According to the CDC, this age group has the highest crash-related injury rates of all adults. The number of injuries secondary to motor vehicle crashes could be reduced significantly if drivers would just buckle up.

Dr. Donald Barker, Adult Trauma Surgeon
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