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Twenty Year Reunion

August 14th, 2017

former patient meets her pediatric surgeon

Brittany Stehr was just 6 hours old when she met USA pediatric surgeon Dr. Michael Carr for the first time. Not only was Brittany’s 7-week premature birth a surprise, doctors quickly discovered she had a birth defect that required immediate surgery. At the time in 1996, only 15% of the population was born with the defect which had a 60% survival rate. In the wee hours of the morning, Brittany was transported to T.C. Thompson and Dr. Carr performed the surgery that would save her life.

Fast forward 20 years later and Brittany is an intern in the Neuroscience Unit at Erlanger. During her internship, the Lee University student began wondering if Dr. Carr was still in Chattanooga and inquired about meeting him. Today, she did just that.

Brittany brought in a notebook of medical records, notes, and even a newspaper article that her parents had saved for her. As they looked through the records, which included Dr. Carr’s handwritten notes, he shared details about the surgery and recounted other physicians and staff involved. “It was a pleasure and honor meeting Dr.Carr,” said Brittany. “I would not be where I am today or alive without Jesus, Dr. Carr and the Medical Staff at T.C Thompson Children’s Hospital.”

Her early experience with surgery has influenced her studies. "I have chosen the career path of Healthcare Administration, so I can help hire skilled doctors (like Dr.Carr) and other medical professionals to ensure each patient is taken care of like I was. I want each person to have a chance at life to pursue their callings Jesus has placed on their lives.” 

Dr. Carr reads the newspaper article written by Brittany's grandfather in 1996. 

Brittany and Dr. Carr talk about her surgery

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