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Because each insurance plan is different, USA encourages you to become familiar with your insurance plan and network before seeking care. Although we participate in wide array of plans, networks can change throughout the year. We encourage you to check your insurance carrier's website or call their customer service line to confirm whether the physician you would like to see is in your network and what services are covered. 

If USA is considered out-of-network with your insurance provider, we will provide your care; however, you will be responsible for any out-of-network fees and charges your insurance provider does not cover. Since many of our services are unique and are not provided elsewhere in the community, your insurance company may grant a waiver to allow us to care for you, even though we may not be listed in your plan. Check with your insurance company to confirm.

Payments due at appointments: We require that all copay and applicable charges be paid at the time service is rendered. In the case of elective surgery, deductible and other applicable charges must be paid before elective surgery is performed. Remaining deductible charges will be billed and can be paid online (see payment options below.) For your convenience, USA accepts payment at our registration desks. Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover, cash or checks (a $20 fee is charged for all returned checks) are accepted.

If you have a question about payment, our financial counselors are available to assist you and can be reached by calling our main number at (423) 267-0466 or toll-free at (800) 833-0572.

Billing & Payment

As a courtesy to our patients, University Surgical Associates (USA) provides formal billing statements of services rendered and accepts payment online.

Fifteen (15) days following first notification of a balanced owed, USA will send an update letter regarding the amount paid by their insurance carrier and balance owed by the patients. This letter will also offer options as to how to clear the balance, such as monthly payment arrangements. 

In the event a patient has no insurance and owes an outstanding balance, a letter will be sent detailing the balance owed (payable within 10 days) and several options to handle paying off the remaining balance, including a monthly payment arrangement. If USA receives no response to an outstanding balance, a "Final Notice" letter will be sent seeking payment of balance before account is forwarded to a collection agency.

For any questions regarding USA's billing policies and procedures, or to set up a free consultation or payment plan, please call our billing department at (423) 265-6578.