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Post-Operative Instructions


Babies are fussy for less than 24 hours after the circumcision. He can be comforted by being held and feed and loved on. If he is not comforted by these measures, you may give him Tylenol or Motrin at the manufacturer’s recommended dose.

Apply Neosporin ointment to the tip of the penis with each diaper change for the first 2 days after the circumcision, and then stop.  If you continue to apply the ointment the plastic ring will not come off as it should.

There may be a little blood on his diaper during the first 24 hours after the circumcision.

You may begin to wash the penis with soap and water 24 hours after the circumcision.

The plastic ring will come off by itself 7-10 days after the circumcision. Right before it comes off the penis will be a little red and swollen.  This is normal.

If the plastic ring has not come off 14 days after the circumcision, call your doctor or University Surgical Associates at 423-267-0466 or 1-800-833-0572.

There are no restrictions on how you hold the baby, how he lays, or the use of his car seat.

Postoperative Check: Your surgeon will want to see your child following surgery. If you have not already arranged a follow-up appointment, please call our office to do so, the afternoon after surgery or the following morning. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call our main office number at (423) 267-0466.