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Colorectal Services

University Surgical Associates (USA) colorectal surgeons in Chattanooga, TN, specialize in the treatment of the colon and rectal cancer and have attained certification from the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery (ABCRS) and American Board of Surgery (ABS).

A colon and rectal surgeon is proficient in the field of general surgery, but has also acquired particular expertise in diagnosis, as well as medical and surgical management, including preoperative and postoperative care, specific to the colon and rectum.

USA's colorectal surgeons, all of whom are board certified and faculty members of the University of Tennessee College of Medicine, are leaders in the colorectal field and treat a variety of diagnosis and perform several types of surgeries.

They also treat colon and rectal cancers, and may manage many of these conditions utilizing minimally-invasive laparoscopic techniques to improve recovery.

USA also provides colon and rectal cancer screening services, including colonoscopies. To schedule a colonoscopy screening, call USA at 423-267-0466.

What to Expect At Your First Appointment

During your first  appointment, you will meet the colorectal surgeon who will be caring for you. He/she will evaluate and determine a treatment plan designed specifically for you.

The first part of your initial consultation will be similar to any physician visit. You will undergo a thorough history and physical where you will be asked to discuss your personal health history as well as your family history. During this conversation, it will be important for you to know what medications you are currently taking, the dosage, and for what conditions. It will be helpful for you to write down a list of your medications and bring it with you. 

After reviewing your history, medications, surgical history and other medical records, the physician will conduct a physical exam which may include a rectal exam and/or anoscopy.  

Rectal Exam

For this exam, you will be asked to lower your pants and undergarments to your knees and a paper drape sheet will be provided for you to cover up with until the exam begins. With gloved hands, the physician will examine the anus and the perianal area, which is the skin around the anus. The physician will also insert his/her finger to assess for diseases inside the anus. A rectal exam is performed quickly and shouldn't cause any significant pain. Many people are concerned about having this exam because of potential embarrassment. However, our physicians perform these exams routinely and will work to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible.


In some cases, the physician may use a device called an anoscope to look inside the anus. The anoscope is a short, narrow tube which can be inserted into the anus. By using this device, a physician can see if there is an explanation for your symptoms. An anoscope may cause brief discomfort, but not pain, and is over in a minute or two. When the physician uses an anoscope, which is a routine part of the exam, the physician bills this as a separate charge in addition to the appointment charge, just as a gynecologist bills separately for a pap smear during that appointment. We encourage you to check with your insurance carrier before the appointment to determine how your insurance will process the following anoscopy codes: 46600 and 46601.

Please call our office at 423-267-0466 to obtain current pricing on the codes if needed.