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Post-Operative Instructions

Lumpectomy/Partial Mastectomy

Activity Level:
If you are feeling okay and not taking pain medications, you may drive a couple of days after surgery as long as your reaction time is normal. You may return to work or school when you feel you are ready. This will largely depend on the nature of your job. No restrictions other than those activities that cause discomfort. You will be taught various arm exercises upon your first follow up visit if having trouble restoring normal range of motion.

Return to regular diet as tolerated.

Wound Care:
May have a surgical bra or binder in place following surgery. If not, you will want to wear a good support, full cup bra after surgery until soreness disappears. You may even want to wear a bra at night to help alleviate any discomfort. You can remove your surgical dressing 1–2 days following surgery. You may reapply a dressing for comfort purposes. If the surgical dressing or tape used causes irritation, please remove and apply new, dry dressing (panty liners or sanitary napkins work well for this placing pad side down over incision). 
Bathing: You may shower the day following surgery as long as no drain is present. You need to avoid tub baths, hot tubs, and swimming pools for about two weeks.

Pain medication should be taken as needed the first few days after surgery. Anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen or Aleve work well for milder discomfort if they can be tolerated. Local anesthesia will wear off about 2–6 hours after surgery.

Symptoms  to Report:      
Temperature over 101
Drainage or increasing redness at incision
Persistent pain unrelieved by medication
Bleeding, some discoloration and swelling is normal.

7–10 days with RN or physician. Call the office at (423) 267-0466 during normal business hours to schedule. Final pathology report should be ready within 3 days and you will be contacted with the results as soon as they are available. If you have not been notified of your results, we urge you to call the office to obtain the results. Various support groups are available; if interested please ask the nurse for information regarding American Cancer Society , Y-Me , etc.